E-Learning Registration WAITLIST

Our program is designed with working parents in mind. We provide a clean, safe, productive space for our students to do their E-Learning, and include activities and exercise throughout the day necessary for social development. We have a certified Teacher’s aid on staff who will help children as needed and ensure each child is understanding and engaging in their lessons. We have Free Ice Cream Fridays, Pizza Days (extra cost), Themed Days, and more! The program is a 16-week commitment (September through December). Please call (732) 423-5814 or email tigersmrsjoie@gmail.com for pricing information!

E-Learning/COVID-19: We are booked for the fall semester of our E-Learning. Therefore, you can fill out our online registration form and be added to our waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-Learning Program at TMAA?

The E-Learning program is our solution to the Board of Education’s decision to remote learn this upcoming school year. We want to provide parents with a focused learning environment where children are ensured to stay engaged in their lessons, while also being stimulated with stimulating activities and physical education. Our Taekwondo curriculum (infused with yoga, arts and crafts, themed days, and more!) will help our E-Learning students stay on track to build character, be confident, and stay strong mentally and physically during this new normal.

Is the program safe?

As a NJ-state certified facility, students are cared for according to the utmost standard. Our team stays on top of CDC guidelines, as well as NJ case statistics, to make the safest re-opening choices for our TMAA families. Our staff checks the temperature of each student at their designated checkpoint prior to school entry followed by thorough hand washing. Students are assigned to their own desk space for the entirety of the program. At scheduled times of the day, all high touch points, surfaces, and bathrooms are disinfected with hospital-grade cleaners. Hand sanitizer stations are set up throughout the school, and students and staff are required to wear masks indoors and maintain social distancing. Our program will ONLY ALLOW 10 STUDENTS to maintain a safe, low risk environment.

Are masks optional?

NO. All students and staff are required to wear masks indoors. If weather permits, students will train outside without masks IF the space allows a minimum of 10 feet of social distancing.

Who can enroll in E-Learning Program at TMAA and is there an end date?

Any parent who has a child enrolled in Rahway or any surrounding town school district may enroll! As of now, TMAA is only offering E-Learning for the fall semester (September through December). As the country continues through pandemic and re-opening efforts, TMAA will re-determine the program for 2021.

Will school supplies be provided?

Students are required to bring their own laptops and/or tablets (with chargers!). To ensure no distractions amongst campers, students will also be required to bring headphones. To minimize contact, TMAA suggest students bring their own pencils, notebook, pens, etc. However, TMAA will always have supplies on hand.

How will TMAA support my child’s virtual learning?

TMAA has a certified teacher’s aide on staff to help students with assignments as needed and will ensure each student stays engaged in their lessons. Parents will receive observation notes on their child’s virtual learning and are encouraged to have open dialogue with our staff about any developmental concerns so that TMAA is able to support accordingly. We want our students to be their best and brightest selves!
If you have an unlisted question, please email us at tigersmrsjoie@gmail.com!