Master Felix


Master Instructor Felix D. Nodarse began live- in training, for 3 years, with his former Master by the age of 13. With 10 hours of intense training each day, Master Nodarse became a champion in many tournaments and contests. By the age of 15, Master Nodarse became successful in both junior’s and men’s divisions, fighting opponents twice his youthful age. Master Nodarse is a former international Champion, competing in top championships such as the AAU, USTU Full- Contact Taekwondo Championships, and the widely- known Point- System Championships. Master Felix Nodarse also holds, to this date, the fastest knockout in full- contact competitions. In half a second, Master Nodarse’s opponent was knocked- out cold!


In 2009, Master Nodarse was appointed Public- Relations officer of the KOREA AMERICA TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION (KATKDA) Recently, Master Nodarse has received appraisal and an award for his dedication and devotion to Tae Kwon Do from the prestige WORLD TAEKWONDO FEDERATION (WTF) . Master Nodarse is also CPR and AED certified in adults children and infants .

Kicking cup out of mouth back spinning kick

Four Concrete slabs broken with a sledgehammer

Master Felix Nodarse doing a Spit Kick