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Our NJ State License After-school program is structured where children get to learn the mental and physical part of Taekwondo.

Our NJ State certified yellow school bus pick up children in Rahway and surrounding areas. Children get to enjoy their snack and do homework before starting their training. Parents will be happy to take them home after training for an enjoyable evening at home.


About US

The Tigers Martial Arts Academy focuses mainly on our hardworking students.

We strive in having every student reach their full potential, not only in the Martial Arts, but also for academic and life achievement. We are also more unique then other schools, along with high quality training, we also have a positive, energetic, and family- like surrounding. Since we believe a student should train as hard as he/she wants, we also offer unlimited training. There is definitely something for everyone here to be a part of. Whether your goal is to lose weight, stay fit, or to become educated in the art of taekwondo, Tiger’s offers a variety of involvement. We want you to learn, have fun, make friends, and live a healthy life.