After School Program

Give your child the opportunity to develop Confidence, Discipline, and Respect in this fun and safe program!

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Martial Arts Classes are Included!

If you are ready for your child to develop Confidence, Discipline, and Respect, while learning how to become Bully-Proof, then you have come to the right After School Program!

Our goal is to give your child the opportunity to set and achieve goals, make new friends, and begin the journey of earning a black belt! These classes are awesome!

Exciting Team Sports!

Our After School Program includes tons of awesome activities! Your child is going to have fun participating in a variety of indoor and outdoor sports activities each week! Contact us today and save your child’s spot ASAP before we are sold out!

  • Basketball!
  • Kickball!
  • ​Flag-Football!
  • ​Baseball & T-Ball!
  • ​And Much More!

Awesome Dance and Tumbling Classes!

Music, rhythm, and much more! Your child is going to have a blast in these classes! You will see a huge improvement in your child’s strength, coordination, and flexibility!

These classes are perfect for boys and girls of all experience levels and they are included in your After School Program membership! Awesome!

Your Child’s Creativity Will Go to the Next Level!

Our After School Program also includes arts and crafts that are going to bring out your child’s creative side with painting, drawing, 3D modeling, exciting science experiments and much more!

This is just one of the many incredible benefits that are included in your child’s After School Ptogram membership! Save your child’s spot today!